National Fund for Cultural Heritage

The National Fund for Cultural Heritage (NFCH) was established in 1994 through an Act of Parliament known as National Fund for Cultural Heritage Act (Act VIII of 1994).

The primary purpose of the Fund is to promote the conservation and preservation of national heritage of Pakistan through various means, including financial and technical assistance, and to create awareness amongst the people for appreciating the preservation of archaeological, architectural, historical and cultural heritage of Pakistan.
In particular the Fund shall be used to:

  • undertake measures for preservation and conservation of cultural heritage having archaeological, historical and architectural value;
  • acquire or hold in lease any material and cultural property of part there of ;
  • provide assistance for preservation and maintenance of a historical or archaeological monument or an archaeological site;
  • create and strengthen cooperation and coordination between international, national, provincial and regional organization involved in conservation and preservation of cultural heritage;
  • provide financial and technical assistance towards preservation of national heritage, and for furtherance of academic, scientific and intellectual discourses on the subjects relevant there to;
  • undertake promotional activities for enhancement of resources of the fund;
  • undertake and promote research and arrange materials for publication of periodicals, monographs and publicity material, including pamphlets, newspapers and posters in furtherance of the objectives of the Act.

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