The Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies

The Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS), formerly the Nepal Studies Association (NSA) joins people with wide-ranging interests in the Himalayan region, adjacent highland areas and the Tarai.

Our goal is to raise the profile of the world's highest region, increasing awareness of the unequaled diversity of human and natural worlds within the Himalaya-Hindukush.
ANHS members include scholars from various academic disciplines, students, resource and development professionals, and a variety of other Himalayan residents and enthusiasts. We sponsor a journal, Himalayan Research Bulletin, intended to serve multiple functions for its diverse readers.
The journal, sent to all ANHS members twice a year, publishes original research and works as a clearinghouse of information about Himalayan publications, conferences, grant and study opportunities, and research in progress. ANHS additionally organizes panel sessions and other activities at the annual conference on South Asia in Madison, Wisconsin, where members meet annually.

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