Italindia was founded in Rome on 20 June 1988, with the aim of creating a live, creative forum for all those interested in studying the politics, economies, societies and cultures of modern and contemporary South Asia.

The association aims to promote and coordinate the study in Italy of modern and contemporary South Asia, by attracting the necessary human and financial resources, and disseminating knowledge about the area in Italy. To this end, the association seeks to mediate between Italian scholars of South Asia, promoting contact and spreading knowledge of important researches in the field.

Italindia also provides information about South Asia, both to the general public and to professionals in Italy (journalists, publishers, and entrepreneurs) who interact in the course of their activities with South Asian countries.

Italindia seeks to establish contacts with universities and research institutions in South Asia, with the goal of supporting both Italian scholars wanting to travel and do research in the region, and South Asian scholars wanting to travel to Italy. Finally, the association aims to promote – through the suggestions and support of its associates - all other initiatives that may further and strengthen reciprocal understanding between Italian society and the societies of South Asia.

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