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Finance Minister P. Chidambaram’s Budget speech »

Lok Sabha, February 28, 2013
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Diversities in the Indian Diaspora »

A message from Thierry Di Costanzo, on N. Jayaram ed., "Diversities in the Indian Diaspora: Nature, Implications, Response", OUP, May 2011.

Ripresa economica, conflitti sociali e scandali politici in India »

Un saggio dedicato all'India nel 2010, comparso sull'ultimo volume di Asia Maior.
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New York Times: The British Colonial Phantom »

Questions Over the Abuses of the British Empire
Alan Cowell, 15 April 2011

Leaf through the school-yard scrapbooks of some British baby boomers and you might find items common to them all, signposts to a distant era when possibility began to supplant privation as the legacy of war.

L'India supera quota 1200 milioni e si mascolinizza »

Census 2011: population pegged at 1,210.2 million. The Hindu, 31 marzo 2011
India’s population is now pegged at 1.21 billion, an increase of more than 181 million in the last 10 years, according to the provisional 2011 Census report released on Thursday.

Un libro importante: la "retro-modernità" di Manuela Ciotti »

"Retro-modern India. Forging the Low Caste Self". Routledge 2010

GIORGIO BORSA (1912-2002). In ricordo dell'amico e del maestro »

Indian Imagination and the "National Question" »

Involvement, concern and emotion are the components of some of the most remarkable novels written during that historical period, in the aftermath of Independence, a crucial moment that demanded of all Indians a radically new approach to life.

Studies in Italy on modern and contemporary India »

Italy has a long and well developed tradition in the field of classical Indian studies. Unfortunately, the situation is starkly different as far as modern Indian studies are concerned.